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Barnet's Official Website
Linking Policy

As from early February 2003 Barnet FC's official website has become 'register-only'.

I have decided not to link to individual articles on the official website (such as match reports) as casual visitors are unlikely to be registered.

That said, it only takes a couple of minutes to register. All you need to do is submit your email address and you will be emailed a password straight away.

If you wish to visit the official site then you can find it at www.barnetfc.com.

I want to make it clear that I am not criticising the club for having a 'register-only' website; I understand they were not enthusiastic but as the site is part of a chain of websites they have to 'tow the line'.

Other Sites

I have taken a similar line with other register-only websites, and have not offered links to them. An example was our Halifax match report for the game on 8 Febraruy, 2003. I usually offer a link to the opposition's official site's match report if it is online by the time I prepare our report page.

On this occasion I found that Halifax's official site was also register-only so did not bother linking to it. Apart from anything else, I would have had to register myself to find their match report. Frankly, I have better things to do. I offered a link to one of their unofficial sites, instead.

I have also annotated our Links page where I find that sites are register-only*. This is only to warn visitors that they will have to register. If I was that opposed to such sites I wouldn't link to them at all.

My Soapbox

Personally, I oppose register-only sites as it is 'against the spirit of the net, man'. There may be a good argument in favour of them, but I've yet to hear it. The reason offered is that it enables the website to be tailored to their users. Well, if the tailoring was that good - and worth the hassle - people would CHOOSE to register.

Anyway, enough of my soapbox. If you have any comments on this subject then please feel free to email me on jsnow@bfcsa.net.

John Snow, Website Editor, 15/02/2003.

* By 'register only' I mean a site that only offers the homepage to unregistered visitors. I have nothing against 'inner-sanctums' for registered users. This definition is liable to change!

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