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Fans Game

vs Forest Green Rovers

Before the game against Forest Green Rovers on 22 November 2003 the BFCSA arranged a fans game against the opposition fans.

Unfortunately it rained hard all morning and I'm ashamed to admit that my enthusiasm didn't stretch to watching the game as intended.

However I am pleased to report that the game finished 15-1 to the Bees fans, and even happier to report that photographer Chris Holland was mad enough to go along and take the pictures below:

Should have held it...

Caniggia signs for Barnet

That man with the beard is there again!

If anyone can think of some suitable captions then they would be gratefully accepted. Email them to info@bfcsa.net. If I get more than one for the same photo then I'll put them all up anyway. But keep 'em clean!! (Unlike the poor sods above ;-)

Captions for photos 3, 4 and the last one from Dan.

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