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Liam Hatch Sponsorship

By Phil Snow

As you may know the BFCSA sponsor a player every year. This season it was decided to sponsor Liam Hatch, a good choice I believe. Unfortunately for Liam he has again been stretcherd off and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Part of the sponsorship deal is two tickets in the main stand and a photo taken with your player. Earlier in the season the committee decided to raffle the tickets to raise some money for the BFCSA.

At the last meeting though we discussed this and agreed that everyone had paid out enough money already this season, what with players' fund and the like. So instead we had a draw for the tickets, giving them to a junior member.

The lucky winners were Charlie and George Hammond, Tony Hammond's boys. You probably know Tony (aka Reckless) and if you don't you should; he's one of the biggest and longest serving Barnet fans around. (Biggest? He's not even 6 foot !? Ed)

Tony's been coming to Underhill and following Barnet around the country since the late sixties, which is why his 'Reckless Guides' in the programme are so informative.

I was very pleased when Charlie and George won the tickets, I'm sure you'll agree they couldn't have gone to a more deserving family.

Tony and his wife Lena already had two main stand tickets for the Scarborough game, so with thanks to Kevin Mullen, Charlie and George are able to join them for what will hopefully be a great day out. Let's hope the Bees will perform on the pitch and get us back in the play-off places.

Watch out - at the end of the season we will either raffle or auction Liam's away shirt, another part of the sponsorship package.

If you fancy sponsoring a player next season, why not contact Kevin at the club? You can reach him at kmullen@barnetfc.com

Below is a photo of Charlie (left) and George (right) taken on Dartmoor a couple hours before the Exeter game.

Pictured above, Hatch salutes the North Terrace after slotting home against Tamworth, and below getting stuck in against Margate:

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