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Burton Photos

By Chris Holland

Billy the Brewer Kicks Arse!

Billy looks a bit tired


Grazioli snipping

Williams looks to shrug off some unwanted attention

Plummer tries a Strevens special…….

…. Graz suceeds 1-0

Catch me if you can

The travelling Bees rejoice

Williams cheeky back heel

Yakabu can jump higher than you

Moore sees red

Strevens keeps an eye on Henshaw

The impressive Williams looks to create another chance

Chettle and Grazioli

Ben still battling

2 International stars

Heads up

and again

Grazioli slots home the third

A familiar salute

Heroic Hogg replaced by Saunders

Benny interupts a star jump

You put your left leg in…

That ball must be around here somewhere

Willow at it again

Get in there :-)

Should we really be playing footsie in public?

and again

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