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Hereford Photos

By Chris Holland

Strevens launches himself at the ball

Hendo puts his head in where it hurts

Strevens loses out this time

Grazioli goes for an unconventional approach

It's wasn't me ref

Grazioli giving 100%

Maddix brings the ball forward

Lopez doing the same

Taggart moves goalwards

Baker commands his area

Grazioli tries a looping header

Barnet's very own G-Lo gives us a quick pose

Williams racing down the wing

Hendon crashes the ball into the net 1-1 (Great photo! Ed)

Fans celebrate after hearing the rumour that not all Hereford fans are Welsh (Erm... Ed ;-)

Time for a few press ups


Gamble gets his instructions from the management

Gamble pleads innocent

Maddix in the thick of things

Rooney brings the ball forward

Strevens and James

Williams bears down on goal

Williams the ball over

Hendo celebrates

Strevens and James still at it

Another aerial battle

Hendo wants the winner

Happy with a point

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