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Telford Photos

Photos by Chris Holland

The Dynamic Duo!

Early Barnet pressure

Taggart struts

Grazioli gets stuck in

and so does Gamble

Grazioli threads the ball through the covering defenders

The pressure mounts

Taggart runs at the defence

Taggart shoots

Chris Plummer - He can fix it!!

Strevens hits Blackwood where it hurts

Strevens battles with Eustace

Rooney looks for options

Grazioli charges down the keeper.

Strevens cuts inside...

Strevens shoots

... and the keeper is beaten

Big Hug!!

Grazoli wins the flick on

Strevens looks for a 2nd

Grazioli on the move

Grazioli battling hard

Rooney looks to shrug off Challis

Hendo dominant in defence...

and on his way to scoring the second

Well done captain!!

The Standing Ovation

Thumbs up from Captain Marvel

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