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The BFCSA agreed to put this up for anyone having problems with the 'Barnet Player' commentary service from the official website.

Following supporters' comments about issues with the Barnet Player online commentary, commentator Barry Swain has put together a guide that should address most, if not all, of the concerns.

Barry politely points out, however, that supporters should not assume the problem is always to do with Barnet FC/PTV and if some supporters are receiving commentary whilst others are not, then the problem may well be with individual's computer or software.

In order to help all Barnet Player subscribers get live match commentary, Barry has put together the following guide:

  1. Go to the official BFC website www.barnetfc.com
  2. Rather than entering the club website, click on the bottom right - PLAYER HOME PAGE
  3. Down the bottom underneath LIVE AUDIO in the bottom left is "Click here for live matches" - click here.
  4. At the top of the next page click SIGN IN
  5. Sign in with your correct user name and password - be careful as it is case sensitive - you know when you are signed in as the next page should be welcoming you by your user name.
  6. Tick the circle next to Barnet in the fixture shown (matchdays only) on a non-matchday this function doesn't remain switched on so unfortunately you can't test it on a non matchday. Upon clicking that circle you are prompting connection.
  7. The bar on the right should say "please wait connecting to stream" then after a few seconds "please wait...buffering" and then after a few more seconds it should state the match you are listening to, i.e. "Torquay United v Barnet" - that is then connected. If it continually says "please wait connecting" then the problem is either a connectivity problem at the listener's end or the commentary has not been connected up between the club, it's source of transmission and PTV. At this point try to reconnect from step five or click refresh (press F5) and see if that helps.
  8. If there is still no commentary check that you are still subscribed to Barnet Player, check your internet has a good signal strength and check you have turned your volume on and up - all known problems in the past.
  9. If you are still experiencing problems PLEASE send an email immediately to the commentary team at barnetplayer@live.co.uk and, if possible please answer the following questions in your email...
  • Are you getting any sound at all and is your volume turned up?
  • What does it say on your screen on Barnet Player - particularly on the bar on the right that gives dial up status i.e. "please wait...connecting".
  • Does the opposition commentary or an alternative match commentary come through and play/sound ok?
  • What time did you sign in to Barnet Player and what time did you click to receive the commentary?

Please continuously check for connectivity to Barnet Player and text or email the commentary team when you are able to hear them loud and clear.

Answers could help the commentary team to eliminate the cause of the problem and speed up the recovery. It could also help us to establish whether anyone who joins the commentary before the commentary is dialled up then loses connection as a result of jumping on the treadmill before we plug it in.

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