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England 3-5 Sweden

This year's International Day was the best yet, according to John (Village) Adkins.

Although the friendly match between our visitors and the FCBFCSA Supporters team ended in a 3-5 defeat for the home team.

Overall, 31 Scandinavians made their way to North London for the Barnet v Torquay game on Friday 30 March. It is reported elsewhere that Barnet played well, but alas, could not give our international guests a victory. But this did not cast too long a shadow on the evening and a good time was had by all.

The following day was the traditional match against the Supporters team. You can find a full match report on the FCBFCSA website. The Swedes et al made their way to various London fixtures for the afternoon and then met up again in a pub near Village's home where there was much eating and drinking to late into the night.

Village wants to give special mentions and thanks to Jimmy Johansson from Sweden for the outstanding work he does promoting Barnet over there, Tony Kleanthous for his hospitality on Friday night, Graz for watching the 'international' match at the Hive on Saturday morning, and the FCBFCSA squad, and their manager John Hunt, for the football match.

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