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1 October 2005 to 31 October 2005

Below are all the pages on this site that have been visited more than 100 times during the above period.

Pos Visits Path/Page Description
1 1183 /coach.htm Details of coaches to away games
2 551 /0506/fixtures/index.htm Fixtures and Results
3 266 /links.htm Links to other sites
4 251 /about/stats_career.htm Stats: Player Career
5 248 /0506/fixtures/manu/index.htm Photos: Man Utd Away
6 238 /aboutbfcsa/how_to_join.htm How to join association
7 233 /about/directions.htm Directions to Underhill
8 214 /0506/fixtures/mansfield_a_r.htm Report: Mansfield Away
9 201 /newground/index.htm Contents: New Ground
10 192 /0506/fixtures/oxford_h_r.htm Report: Oxford Home
11 180 /0405/articles/poy_0405.htm Article: Player of the Year (2004/05)
12 153 /0506/stats/stats.htm Stats: Players, this season
13 146 /0506/fixtures/chester_h_r.htm Report: Chester Home
14 143 /0506/fixtures/torquay_a_r.htm Report: Torquay Away
15 140 /0506/stats/atten.htm Stats: Attendances
16 127 /about/atoz/index.htm Contents: Results History
16 127 /0506/articles/index.htm Contents: Articles
18 126 /0506/fixtures/bristol_ldv_r.htm Report: Bristol City Home
19 121 /0506/fixtures/manu_lc_r.htm Report: Manchester United Away
20 113 /0506/articles/flitney.htm Article: Ross Flitney
21 112 /0506/fixtures/rushden_h_r.htm Report: Rushden & Diamonds
22 111 /0506/index.htm Contents: 2005/06
23 105 /about/stats_past.htm Stats: Past Players
24 102 /about/index.htm Contents: About Barnet FC
25 101 /about/hist81.htm Club History
  • Pos - this month's position
  • Visits are determined by the number of times each page has been downloaded during the period above.
  • This is no indication to the number of different visitors to the site - it could be the same person each time! The homepage is not included as that is obviously the top page.
  • Some pages may have been visited more often than shown as "fixtures/" is the same as "fixtures/index.htm" but is counted separately by my log analysis package. I simply cannot be bothered to worry about this!
  • There are about 5500 visits (or hits) above. This represents about a quarter of the total number of visits to pages on the whole site for the same period.
  • There were 881 different pages visited overall. (This includes HTML, Word, PDF and CSV files.)

Stats generated by Analog. A free to use logfile analysis program. If you are interested in the stats of this site please contact us on info@bfcsa.co.uk


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