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Steve Percy (pictured) is inviting questions from everybody and anybody. In case you don't know, Steve is the chairman of the BFCSA, and is sometimes criticised for some of his views.

We have published a statement from him in response to criticism in the match day programme on 23 March 2002.

From the messageboard on the official site, it would seem that there would be a fair amount of interest in a question and answer session, similar to the successful one that Tony Kleanthous ran recently.

As this site does not have a messageboard, we are unable to publish questions as they are asked. However, any questions received will be published here within 48 hours. Answers may take a bit longer, but I imagine that we should be able to publish answers within a week or so.

Questions can be on any subject, either about Barnet FC, the BFCSA or even his haircut!

Please send your question to bfcsa1926@hotmail.com and put 'Question for Percy' in the subject field (or make it clear that the email is intended for this purpose). See below for questions received already. Please note that we will publish your name unless you explicitly ask to remain anonymous (this is the policy on our Any Questions page).

  Questions Received  

could you give me the stats for russell townsends career at underhill.he was possibly one of the most skillful players the bees ever had. thanks



Russell Townsend Stats

Here is his playing record.

1979 to 1982 (but left and returned in that time)

League - played 57, goals 2
Cups - played 19, goals 4

Went to Northampton for £20,000


You are famously vocal in your comments. How are you using this to support the Stadium application?

Mike Smit


Personally I have a problem in so far as Barnet Council is not my Council, nor Sydney Chapman my M.P. However, as a Supporters Association we have written numerous letters, attended various meetings and our secretary, David Davis spoke at the Town Hall for the application. Rest assured BFCSA are continually monitoring the situation.


Do you think that having two Supporters Associations within the club is divisive? And as for the chaps having a pop at you on the "official" messageboard, do you think if you held a forum this would encourage people to come out from behind their keyboards and get a lot of the clubs problems out in to the open?

Dan Whiting a.k.a. South London Bee


(Is two Supporters Associations divisive?) Yes. Mr Kleanthous has also agreed and we are currently looking to amalgamate.

(Do you think if you held a forum, etc.) We are trying to do this by way of questions etc on the Website, all of which I or the Commitee would be happy to answer. (Ed's note) The floor is open to anyone with a question at the AGM.



I am interested in the playing career of the late Billy Holmes.



Here is the Barnet FC playing career for the late Billy Holmes .

(Southern League Premier) 42 League games (Every one) - 14 goals (3 pens)
2 FA Cup
1 FA Trophy
3 Southern League Cup
6 London Senior Cup - 1 goal

(Deadline Day Signing) 9 Games - 1 goal



How do you manage to get to every game, including the reserves. I'd like to, but I think my boss would have something to say about that. Are you self-employed or do you use up your holiday?

Norfolk Bee


Having workrd for the Goverment for the past 30 years I have 30 days annual leave a year. I also work on flexi-time which can amount up to a further 10 days leave a year. I don't use all my holiday on watching Barnet though, I still have enough for a family holiday, in between seasons of course!!



I don't know if you can answer this as it was a long time ago. My brother John was taken to his first Barnet match by our Dad round about 1977 (John thinks he was about 10 at the time). It was a charity or benefit game. The only thing he can remember about this game is that 'Diddy' David Hamilton was commentating and Richard O'Sullivan (Man about the house' was playing. The end result was a 2-2 draw.

Can you tell us the year that this was played? Our dad died over 20 years ago and my brother would like to obtain a programme for this match (if there was one) as it was the only match dad ever took John to, if not some information on the match would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you can help.   Thank you,   Debby Lawrence (MKBee)


We think we have found the correct programme, It's dated Sunday 12th October 1975. It was between a  Showbiz XI v Solitaire. The Showbiz team was made up of people like David Hamilton, Robin Askwith, Richard O'Sullivan, George Layton, DennisWaterman and Anthony Booth (the Prime-ministers Father-in -Law). They might not all have played in the match though.

The Solitaire team was a Charity Commitee and made up from people I've never heard of! Steve said they had a lot of Charity games in those days, but thinks this was one of the last, if not the last.

Steve has a programme, which we can copy. Bill Cresswell thinks there is an original one in the store so he's going to try and find it. Not sure if he will have by next week though.



Fred Stiff has had a nice new 'sensible' haircut and it was on view at the Telford Utd game. It made him look about 10 years younger. After the banter that occured at the Southport game and the insults thrown at your hair style and colouring, are you maybe considering a change of image too?

Yours sincerely and best regards, Tony Hammond aka Reckless.


I didn't really get a straight answer off Steve, I'm afraid. However, among the things he did say were:

  • 'Never!'

  • '(I won't change it because) the old players wouldn't recognise me. They said that I haven't changed a bit.' (After the Steve Brinkman benefit match.)

  • 'At least I've got a choice.' (In response to one his follically-challenged antagonists at the said Southport match.)


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