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Bury Football Club In Crisis

Bury FC are sending out the following message far and wide:

"The crisis at Gigg Lane has been widely reported over the last few months. We have now reached a 12 day deadline. The administrators have to raise £400,000 by 15 March. If the club fails to raise this amount, then BURY FOOTBALL CLUB WILL FOLD AND DIE.

The club will not allow that to happen, and as such are coming up with many ways to raise money. One such method is the "Buy a seat" appeal. The Gigg Lane contains 12,000 seats. We are selling these seats to any interested parties. For a fee of £10.00 we will place a small label on the seat with the purchasers name.

The price is not limited to £10.00. One supporter has already offered £100.00 per seat. Also, business's or companies can purchase a whole row of seats (26 in number) for £260.00.

Bury Football Club are urgently asking all supporters of the mighty Shakers to broadcast this message far and wide. Publicity from the media is helping but the club is asking for more attention to this plight. This press release will be sent out daily to all media sources until we reach the March 15th deadline.

Please do not ignore us and help keep Bury Football Club alive. Full details of how payments can be made can be found on the Official Bury FC Web Site - www.buryfc.co.uk."


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