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By John Snow, 13 April 2002

At a recent home game, teahut supervisor and Barnet fan, Craig Lumley had scalding coffee thrown in his face. The incident occured after Craig tried to calm down a customer who had become angry at the teahut in the away end of the ground.

Craig was given on the spot treatment by the St John's Ambulance before being taken to Barnet General Hospital. Within half an hour the hospital referred him to Mount Vernon Hospital's specialist burns unit.

Craig was at home the following day and it is hoped that there will be no permanent scars.

A 67 year old man was arrested and we understand that he will be charged with a serious criminal offence. Craig returned to work today and was serving behind the bar in the Durham Suite.


Following the outburst of indignation on the club's messageboard, Jamie Gray (pictured - he goes by the nickname of 'Irememberilkeston' on the messageboard) took the initiative to organise a collection for Craig at the Forest Green game today.

Jamie approached the BFCSA for extra people to hold the buckets so David Davis and myself offered our services.

Fortunately, Jamie had a better result than the team today and raised in the region of £268! He has yet to present the money to Craig - he is hoping to do this on Monday.

During a brief converstation with an employee of the club, I was asked to mention that the St John's Ambulance staff did an excellent job providing first aid.

On that note, I shall mention that the St John's Ambulance are holding a concert on 27 April in the Mays Lane Community Centre to raise money to help buy a new ambulance, For more information, please phone (020) 8886 9179.

I would also like to add my thanks to the Forest Green fans who gave so generously when I approached them at half time. They were shocked to hear what had happened and one of them made a point of walking round and telling the others that they should give something.

It was definitely nice to know they were there, and I'm glad they had not taken the advice offered to them earlier by the East Terrace choir after expressing the same opinion.

Well Done!

The BFCSA is pleased to hear that Craig is on the mend, and would like to offer our congratulations to Jamie for organising this collection for a fellow fan. And of course all the Barnet (and Forest Green) fans who dug deep.


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