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Fancy Dress

The BFCSA are pleased to announce that following some discussion on the Official Site's message board, we are offering a prize for the best fancy dress worn to the last game of the season.

This is the away trip to Northwich Victoria on Saturday, 27 April. The coach to this game is £15 and leaves at 10:00 in the morning - further details are on the coach page.

'What is the prize?' I hear you ask.

The prize for the best dressed Barnet fan (whether arriving by coach or not) is

A Free Coach Trip to an Away Game of your choice next season


an extra place for a friend!

Your imagination is the only limit to what you can wear!!

So, come rain or shine, win or loss - come one and all - be it as Donald Duck, Superman or Prince Charles.

Let's make this the best away game of the season and give the good people of Northwich something to talk about, and to remember their last game at their present ground by.


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