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We have been asked to publish this letter, which is a copy that BFCSA committee member, Alex Jones, wrote to the club. We will publish any letter (or article) that is sent to us, if requested (within reason, of course).

Dear Sir,

I write in response to Dennis Signey's latest coloumns in the programmes. Today I looked up the comments of Steve Percy and Phil Snow on the BFCSA website which had promted Mr Signy's tirade.

I fail to see why Signy feels the need to criticise individuals in his column. To many people the main source of news on the Bees remains the matchday programme. Not everyone reads the local press or Non -League Paper. Still less have access to the internet. So Mr Signy effectively has no right of appeal to his views (directly at any rate).

In the Telford programme Steve Percy was criticised not only for his cautionary response to the managerial appointments, but also for not attending the Managers forum.

Steve has since issued a statement explaining that he had attended a supporters quiz, a long standing commitment. He could have also added we were, hours earlier, sympathising with the family of Frank Judge , a long serving supporter and employee of the club. To the credit of the football club they were represented at the funeral.

It brings less credit on the club when supporters of many years standing are criticised by a recent employee of Barnet F.C.

Steves commitment to the Bees should never be questioned. I don't always agree with him, but his passion and hours spent following my team has little equivilant at other clubs.

Phil Snow and his brother John spent hours setting up the Supporters Association website. Their articles and enthusiastic approach are professional, bringing positive coverage to Barnet F.C.

Dennis Signy has many years of journalistic experience, but his lack of subtlety or indeed professionalism are serving only to aggravate supporters. He might argue that his column is written to provoke response. I remember the work of the late Tony Holmes, long term editor of the programme who would never have criticised fans. He recognised supporters as the life-blood of this club. Signy would learn a lot from reading his work.

I hope that Mr Signy gets to read a copy of this letter. If he chooses to respond with a 'pop' at me then fair enough.
I'll be following Barnet long after he slinks off back to QPR or wherever he came from.

Finally at a time when Mr Kleanthous needs all our support over the stadium maybe he should consider taht a good PR Consultant doesn't alienate his paying customers.

Thankyou for letting me bend your ear. I await your response.

Yours sincerely

Alex Jones


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