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Meeting with the Chairman

By Phil Snow, 22/04/02

On Friday Tony Kleanthous met with members of both Supporters Associations in a meeting lasting three and a half hours.

Apparently it was very worthwhile and extremely interesting with Steve Percy and Tony Kleanthous finding a lot in common with each other and also agreeing that it is not as enjoyable as it once was. This is mainly due to the personal abuse they have both suffered. They both agreed that when Barnet win it makes it all worthwhile though.

Tony Kleanthous stated that he would confide in people more in the future and would like to take a more 'backseat role'. But, he stressed he would never walk away and leave the Club in limbo.


Addressing the the worrying problem of whether we'll be able to play in any play-off matches and LDV games, Tony Kleanthous said the club would be challenging the decision.

Both Supporters Associations are currently in discussion over an amalgamation, which looks very likely at present. Steve Percy also told me he had a long conversation with Dennis Signy and found they also had a lot in common. Dennis stated that he was a lifelong fan, doing his column as a labour of love.

Going Forward

Hopefully from next season, with some of the problems sorted out, all Barnet fans, employees and players can be as one and take the name of Barnet FC back to where it belongs.


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