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Percy Says

In response to various comments made on the official website, and by Dennis Signy in todays programme, we asked Steve Percy to reply to the criticism that has been put his way.

I would also like to say that the BFCSA has been working hard at getting both Supporters Associations and the club to work together as one. I also find it quite unprofessional of Dennis Signy to name and shame supporters in an official programme produced by the football club without knowing all the facts, which Steve Percy corrects in his statement. I presume an apology wil be printed in the next issue.

Phil Snow - Commitee member BFCSA

Statement by Steve Percy

Chairman Barnet Football Club Supporters Association

Not having access to the Internet or the time to use it, I have to be informed of the 'goings on' by other people.

First of all I would like to say no-one is more delighted with the current run of results, style of play and club spirit than I am.

I also attend all reserve games and have been greatly encouraged by the comments made by Martin Allen to the young players such as ''take him on'' and ''use your skill'' which has not always been the case in the past.

Now to turn to one or two other points.

Ask The Manager

I would have liked to have been able to attend the forum with Peter Shreeves and Martin Allen, which incidently was suggested by the Vice Chairman of the BFCSA - Geoff Masters.

However, the first I or anybody else knew of it was at the Morcambe game, the Saturday before. On Thursday, the day of the forum, the Barnet F.C. quiz team were playing Charlton Athletic in the N.F.S.A. quiz league, a game which had been arranged weeks before and also been re-arranged from November. Obviously with only five days notice and available dates running out for another re-arrangement, it made things difficult. However, again I stress I would have loved to have attended.

Non-League Paper

Turning to the article in the Non League Paper. First of all this was a legnthy conversation lasting about twenty minutes or so. You have to remember what was printed was only a very small amount of what was actually said.

When people were told that John Still was being replaced I think most people would have expected the job to have been advertised like most clubs both league and non league. This was not the case when Peter Shreeves and Martin Allen were appointed. Some supporters voiced their opinions to me (although these were not my own), they were worried we might have another 'Mullery'.

The aspect of the ground is more or less out of our hands, with regards to it being 'called in'. Should anything go wrong and we don't get a new ground then we have to worry about the future of Barnet F.C. The most important thing of all is that the club survives - at whatever level of football.

Mr Signy

Finally turning to Mr. Signy:

His notes in the programme never cease to amaze me. He seems to have a go at anybody whose views don't match his own.

For example, a recent go at Hugh Godwin, whose email to the club was broadcast to all and sundry in the Farnborough programme.

I respect his right to a point of view, as long as he respects other people's. Perhaps he would like to retract some of this in a future programme, although I somehow doubt it.

Let's finish the season playing good football and hope the ground goes through and look forward to next season.

Best wishes, Steve Percy - Chaiman BFCSA

Questions and Answers

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