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Finchley Art Block Demo

As you may have read in the local press, not content with trying to scupper the club's plans for our new stadium and trying to force the club out of the borough, the new council administration have now set their sights on an Art Gallery in North Finchley that is already under construction.

They would love to tear it down but they can't - it's half built already. So instead they want to turn it into a library - and use that as an excuse to close three other libraries.

The people of North Finchley are saying "No Coleman! We were expecting an Art Gallery and we want an Art Gallery."

There is a demo in Tally Ho against this abuse of power on Saturday 3 August and we are urging Barnet Fans to turn up in their colours to show solidarity with the residents of Finchley. To show these Jonny-come-latelies that the people they supposedly represent are already fed up with them after only three months in charge.

Saturday 3 August


Outside Starburger in Tally Ho, North Finchley.

There will then be a march down to Whetstone where famous eighties band Madness will be playing a concert.

Then there will be time for the short bus ride to see Barnet v Wycombe. Maybe we'll even get a few of the art-lovers down to Underhill as well!


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