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Finchley Arts Centre Demo

On Saturday 3 August there was a demonstration in North Finchley to save the Art Block that is half built from being destroyed by the new council administration.

Many Barnet fans attended this demo - not to further our own cause but to stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow residents who are outraged by the council's actions.

The KBA flag was briefly unfurled for the photo opportunity - and once again, my photo taking abilities let me down.

  As we got talking to the other demonstrators there were many questions about our own plight. Everybody I spoke to was outraged that the council were trying to force the club out of the borough and were keen to complete the KBA survey that I had with me.

(In fact as I queued in McDonalds afterwards a fellow customer saw my survey and asked to sign it. He told me how his son was looking forward to joining Barnet FC's youth schemes, and was worried that the club may not exist in Barnet for much longer.)

There were many colourful costumes to be seen, with masks and wigs - along with imaginative banners.

  The mood was quite upbeat with everybody wanting to make it clear that what they want is an Arts Centre.

The crowd broke out into a very tuneful "Library No, Arts Centre Yes!"

So tuneful in fact that I remarked to two ladies that they should join us on the East Terrace!

"We're from Barnet Choral Society" they explained. I'm not sure if we'll see them on the terraces though.

The numbers present sent a clear message to the council...

  Save Our Art Centre (or Depot)!!

  It would be nice to think that this showing of public anger will change the council's mind on the Arts Centre.

But if there is one thing we Barnet fans have learnt.

The current administration will not listen to anyone they don't like.

  So I expect it won't be too long before we see these people again!

Library No! Arts Centre Yes!!


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