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Montrose Playing Fields

Where are Montrose Playing Fields? What's near them?

Today (21 November 2005) the club issued a statement saying, "There is no proposal."

All they have heard from the leader of the council is that the Montrose Playing Fields site "might be interesting."

We thought it might be useful, in the meantime, to show you exactly what is "on offer" (I use those words guardedly).

Montrose Playing Fields are enclosed in Yellow. Note that the stream has been 'digitally enhanced' ;-)

According to the Barnet Times, Mr Salinger believes that between one-third to a half of the 11-acre site could be used for the new stadium, which could be situated at the back of the park, near the Tube tracks.

Closer Up. There was a fair taking place when this photo was taken.

Half of 11 acres is 5.5 acres. It might be worth noting that the South Underhill application was about 7 acres. And that was for the new stadium alone.

If you include the training facilities and community stadium - which was the existing ground - that brought the total site up to 10.5 acres. As the powers that be were so fond of pointing out at the time. (Statement issued by Council Leader on 25 June 2002 refers. I couldn't find a link to this anymore on the Council website.)

Also see this earlier article which includes a link to a map.


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