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BFCSA Statements

Below are various statements released by the BFCSA during the months of May and June 2006.

Statement from the BFCSA


Following the disappointing result in the local elections the football club has been in meetings and negotiations with the council regarding Underhill.

Although there hasn't been a lot of information released from the football club since the announcement on the further complications, the BFCSA committee can confirm that they are in constant communication with the club and are fully aware of the delicateness of the talks.

The club have advised us that as soon as any information regarding a referendum about the club's future is known then it will be released to supporters through the club's main site.

The club is currently very busy securing the best possible future for the supporters and the BFCSA and the KBA are advising and supporting the football club as and when it is required.

Supporters Referendum - comment from the BFCSA


The SA has taken stock of the latest developments in regards to the referendum.

The committee will be meeting this coming Monday (05 June) and will release a statement following this.

Supporters Referendum - Update from the BFCSA


In light of the recent announcement by the Football Club in regards to the referendum, the Supporters' Association committee would like to make it known to its members that we are in support of the club's position to explore alternative sites outside of the borough, within the maximum range limit.

We understand that following over a decade of attempts to secure the long-term future of the club within the borough that time has now come to explore alternative viable sites outside of the Borough.

We have taken on board supporters' concerns following the club's initial press release, and will be discussing these with the club to ensure that when further details are released during the coming two weeks that the fans are clearly informed of the two options.

The Supporters' Association will release further comment when appropriate.

Referendum Update


The Committees of the BFCSA and KBA met with Tony Kleanthous on Wednesday 14 June where he outlined some more details about the forthcoming referendum.

We were also able to discuss the issues that have been raised by supporters. Representatives have been selected from both committees to agree on the final wording of the question and any accompanying documentation.

There are no more details that can be publicised just yet but it was a very positive meeting covering a variety of issues including the pros and cons of both options, the timing of the referendum, and the eligibility for voting.

Please contact us on info@bfcsa.co.uk if there is anything you want to contribute.


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