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BFCSA Committee Statement

The Barnet Football Club Supporters Association wishes to confirm its support for the planning application recently announced by Tony Kleanthous, Barnet FC Chairman, for the development of Underhill Stadium.

The BFCSA committee consulted with its members on the ground issue at our recent AGM, and we see these plans as a positive step into upgrading Underhill to host League football in the short to medium term.

Visiting fans are genuinely shocked and amazed at the lack of facilities currently on offer at Underhill. We applaud the club for the big efforts taken over the last year to improve the ageing stadium. These new plans, if passed, will continue to improve Underhill and so we urge Barnet Council to approve them in the coming months.

However, the committee are under no illusion that the club's biggest battle is to have a suitable and financially sustainable stadium to play our home games at. A modern stadium that is fit for League football, and which gives the club potential not just to survive against the odds in the Football League, but to grow and compete as a progressive League club.

We urge supporters, the local community and Barnet Council to remember this issue and realise that if a long term future cannot be secured within the borough, there will be no alternative but to recommend that the club consider alternative venues outside the borough to ensure the long term future of our football club in the football league.

It was not so long ago that Barnet played League games against the likes of Fulham and Wigan, and look at the progress these clubs have made.

We wish Paul Fairclough and the new squad every success for the forthcoming season and hope that we see success both on and off the pitch during the next 12 months.

BFCSA Committee, 19 July 2007

Updates (and relevant media reports)

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