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Council Fail to Back Barnet Football Club's Latest Planning Application.

The Supporters Association spoke in favour of Planning Application N02646AB/07, improvements to Underhill Stadium, at last night's Planning Meeting.

Despite this and Football Club Chairman Tony Kleanthous' best efforts they were unable to convince the council that the necessary improvements to Underhill should be passed.

The council's decision was to defer the plans, to allow the planning department and the applicant (Barnet FC Ltd) to renegotiate the plans should they wish.

The Club has constantly been told by the council that they can develop Underhill to Football league standards within the existing footprint. With this in mind this planning application was presented following consultation with the Planning Department and the Councillors, but yet they still felt unable to pass these plans.

The Supporters Association Committee will be in contact with the Football Club to discuss the outcome of the planning meeting and ascertain what the club feels is the next step as Football League deadline for improvements are looming and expulsion a possibility.

The Committee will be discussing the issue at length at our next meeting on Monday 15th October; should members wish to give us their views please contact us on info@bfcsa.co.uk or post on our Communication Forum.

BFCSA Committee, 09 October 2007.


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