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Revised Plans

The Revised plans, that Chairman Tony Kleanthous recently announced can now be found on the Barnet Council planning pages.

The plans include the following:

  • Reasons for the Changing block, as requested by the council.
  • A revised Rotunda on the South Stand, something the council asked the club to consider scaling down from the original plans.
  • A revised North Stand that incorporates seating for away fans and disabled provisions but on a smaller scale than previously submitted.

The Supporters Association Committee now hope that these revised plans, that have been worked on in conjunction with the planning department, can now be passed on 11 December at the Council Planning Meeting, allowing the Football Club to implimnet these plans to ensure it meets League requirements by the May deadline, and improve the facilities for both home and away supporters.

The revised plans can be found here. Note that you need to click on the "View Documents" link - this opens a new window/tab and you will be asked for a username and password. These are "barnet" and "barnet" respectively." You should then be presented with a list of PDF documents; the amended plans are titled "N02646AB/07 : Amended / Additional Drawings" and dated 05/11/2007.


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