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BFCSA Statement
29 September 2011

The BFCSA Committee have made the following statement in reaction to the announcement by Barnet FC on 26/09/2011: Countdown To Closure?

The BFCSA committee reacts with a fresh sense of disappointment to the contents of the recent Barnet FC statement, which indicates a further deterioration in relations between Barnet FC and Barnet Council. We hope that a way will be found to resolve the latest dispute.

It is clear that the latest developments represent the next chapter of the ongoing political issues regarding Underhill and Barnet FC's seeking a long term solution to the ground issue. Given this, the BFCSA committee plans to meet separately with representatives of both Barnet Council and Barnet FC in the coming weeks and months.

The aim of these discussions will be to establish as fully as possible the circumstances of the current situation, from the viewpoints of both Barnet FC and Barnet Council, and to see if there is any way in which the Association can be of assistance.

We will, of course, keep our members informed of the outcome of these discussions, and also hope to arrange, at some point, meetings for supporters to listen to the different stakeholders directly. It is fundamental that Barnet fans are fully informed of all the facts on this important and complex issue.

While the latest developments are certainly a cause of concern, we believe the situation remains highly fluid and therefore that it would be too early for the association to take a firm stance regarding this issue.

The committee are adamant that, whatever happens, the voice of supporters must be heard and listened to and we would welcome your input as this situation develops.

While the committee would prefer that the football club remain at its spiritual home, Underhill, and believe this is a view commonly held among supporters, we also need to consider whether this can be achieved and the merits of an alternative would have to be discussed. Beyond this, as stated above, any position regarding a more specific move away from Underhill would only be taken after consultation with BFCSA members and Barnet supporters as a whole.


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