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Season 1996/97

Below is the fixture list for the 1996/97 season. It has been adapted from the results history that we have on this site.

I have not been able to validate all the information and I fully expect there to be some errors. If you think anything is wrong please let me know on info@bfcsa.co.uk

If you have a copy of the final league table please send it to me so it can be displayed on this page. Thanks.


Division Three
15th of 24


FA Cup
Knocked out by Wycombe Wanderers in the 2nd Round

Coca Cola League Cup
Knocked out by West Ham United in the 2nd Round

Football League Trophy (Auto Windscreen Shield)
Knocked out by Brentford in the 1st Round (although see note below)

Herts Senior Cup
See notes below.

Date H/A/Cup Opposition Result Scorers Attendance Notes
17/08/1996 A Cambridge United 0-1   2809  
20/08/1996 A LC R1 L1 Exeter City 4-0 Codner
24/08/1996 H Wigan Athletic 1-1 Hardiman 1905  
27/08/1996 H Brighton & Hove Albion 3-0 Gale
Wilson P (pen)
31/08/1996 A Hull City 0-0   4605  
03/09/1996 H LC R1 L2 Exeter City 2-0 Campbell
07/09/1996 H Northampton Town 1-1 Devine 2982  
10/09/1996 A Mansfield Town 0-0   1505  
14/09/1996 A Lincoln City 0-1   2484  
18/09/1996 H LC R2 L1 West Ham United 1-1 Simpson 3849  
21/09/1996 H Exeter City 3-0 Devine (3) 2020  
25/09/1996 A LC R2 L1 West Ham United 0-1   15,264  
28/09/1996 A Scunthorpe United 2-1 Wilson P (pen)
01/10/1996 H Scarborough 1-3 Hodges 1606  
05/10/1996 H Torquay United 0-0   2456  
12/10/1996 A Cardiff City 2-1 Brazil
15/10/1996 A Colchester United 0-1   2,732  
19/10/1996 H Hartlepool United 1-0 Devine 2265  
26/10/1996 H Carlisle United 0-0   2422  
29/10/1996 A Darlington 1-0 Codner 1759  
02/11/1996 A Hereford United 1-1 Devine 2655  
09/11/1996 H Rochdale 3-2 Hardman
Wilson P (pen)
16/11/1996 A FAC R1 Farnborough Town 2-2 Devine (2) 2566  
19/11/1996 A Fulham 0-2   4423  
23/11/1996 H Doncaster Rovers 3-0 Simpson
Devine (2)
26/11/1996 H FAC R1 R Farnborough Town 1-0 Devine 2215  
30/11/1996 A Carlisle United 1-2 Hodges 4472  
03/12/1996 H Leyton Orient 0-0   2549  
07/12/1996 H FAC R2 Wycombe Wanderers 3-3 Simpson
17/12/1996 A FAC R2 R Wycombe Wanderers 2-3 Campbell
21/12/1996 H Chester City 1-2 Campbell J 1581  
26/12/1996 H Mansfield Town 1-1 Brazil 1778  
28/12/1996 A Northampton Town 0-2   5060  
07/01/1997 A FLT R1* Brentford 1-2 Samuels 1455 * Not certain this was Round 1. See below.
14/01/1997 A Swansea City 0-3   3570  
18/01/1997 A Scarborough 1-1 Hodges 1835  
22/01/1997 H HSC R3 Watford 2-0 Devine
? Need Attendance.

Also, see other notes below.

25/01/1997 H Darlington 0-0   1956  
01/02/1997 A Rochdale 1-1 Simpson 1623  
08/02/1997 H Hereford United 2-3 Primus
Wilson (pen)
15/02/1997 A Doncaster Rovers 1-1 Ndah 2199  
22/02/1997 H Fulham 2-2 Hodges
Wilson (pen)
25/02/1997 H Lincoln City 1-0 Ndah 1194  
01/03/1997 A Leyton Orient 1-0 Primus 4621  
04/03/1997 A Exeter City 1-1 Ford 2394  
08/03/1997 A Chester City 0-1   2291  
15/03/1997 H Swansea City 0-1   1881  
22/03/1997 A Wigan Athletic 0-2   3286  
29/03/1997 H Cambridge United 2-1 Primus
01/04/1997 A Brighton & Hove Albion 0-1   9525  
05/04/1997 H Hull City 1-0 Ndah 1668  
08/04/1997 H Scunthorpe United 1-1 Campbell 1395  
12/04/1997 A Torquay United 2-1 Howarth
19/04/1997 H Cardiff City 3-1 Gale
Own Goal
26/04/1997 A Hartlepool United 0-4   3070  
03/05/1997 H Colchester United 2-4 Hodges
  2R = Second Replay
A = Away
F = Final
FAC = FA Cup
FAT = FA Trophy
FLT = Football League Trophy
H = Home
HSC = Herts Senior Cup
L1 = Leg 1
LC = League Cup
LCC = London Challenge Cup
N = Neutral
PO = Play Off
PR = Preliminary Round
QR1 = Qualifying Round 1
R = Replay
R1 = Round 1
SF = Semi Final
TBC = To Be Confirmed


Brentford, 07 January, Football League Trophy Round 1
There was no round number on the source of this list. As we got knocked out I cannot use the next round number to confirm this was the first round. It is possible we got a bye to the second round. There is no round number in the next season either, and we got knocked out first time as well.

The format of this competition had changed from the 1996/97 season so am unable to compare with earlier seasons. I have checked Brentford FC websites and cannot find any with a results archive covering this competition (the 'mad' one has FA Cup and League Cup). I shall try to confirm this at some point...

Watford, 22 January, Herts Senior Cup Round 3
Although we often get a bye to the 2nd Round, it appears we got a bye to the 3rd Round this season. Unless the 2nd Round match is missing. Also, although the above shows we won this match, there are no details of later rounds on the source of this list.

I shall try to confirm this.

See Below...
If you are looking for any "see below for notes" you may need to visit the relevant page in our
A to Z history. It is usually about missing attendances but sometimes there are additional (and even amusing) footnotes.

Make a note of the team name and find them on the page linked to above.

If you can help with any missing information (or have a correction to make) I would love to hear from you on info@bfcsa.co.uk

  Attendance Graph

Below is an attendance graph for the 1996/97 season. Also shown is the average up to that game.

See notes below for further explanations, notes and caveats.

This season's average attendance: 2215    
This season's highest attendance: 3849   West Ham United, League Cup 2nd Round Leg 1, 18 September.
This season's lowest attendance: 1194   Lincoln City, Division Three, 25 February.
This season's league-only average attendance: 2141    

Apart from the league-only average these figures also include cup games (except Herts Senior). The league-only average does not include any play-off games.

The following plots are shown:

This season: The blue bars. This season's attendances.

Running Average: The pink line. The mean average total attendance up to that match number.

Last season's average: The yellow line. Last season's mean average total attendance up to that match number. Last season's 26th game has been used twice as there was one more game this season.


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