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Doncaster 2-3 Barnet

Tuesday, 9 October

Attendance - 2935

The Full Match report promised yesterday has yet to materialise - I apologise for any inconvenience. Meanwhile, please feel free to peruse the preview of Saturday's game against Leigh RMI.

Following report is very brief summary of second half, Barnet were winning 2-1 after scoring two goals in the first ten minutes.

Doncaster had the run of play for the first tenty five minutes of the second half.

Doncaster had a 20 yard shot go wide.

Barnet caught offside a couple of times.

Doncaster won a corner, but this eventually went over the bar.

On 68 minutes Doncaster had another shot go over the bar.

Then after a foul on Mark Gower (for which Doncaster's Owen nearly had a second yellow) Barnet got a free kick. Heald had his effort turned away for a corner, which the Doncaster defence then cleared.

Strevens was fouled on 73 minutes and was shortly substituted by Midgely.

On 70 minutes Purser took a shot from the edge of the box. This was saved by the keeper but Flynn followed it up and scored Barnet's third.

Then on 74 minutes a Doncaster scored their second with a free kick from 25 yards out. It went over the Barnet wall and leaving Danny Naisbitt motionless.

Purser was substituted shortly afterwards by Essandoh.

On 87 minutes Naisbitt needed two attempts to save a 20 yard strike. This was followed by more assaults on the Barnet's Goal, cleared away by Brown and Heald respectively.

At the end of normal time Doncaster had another corner but was headed wide. Four minutes of injury time were then played.

In the dying minutes Gower took a shot requiring a good save from the Doncaster keeper. Essandoh tried going for the rebound but this was saved again.

Team (Not necessarily right order.)

Purser (Essandoh, 82)
Strevens (Midgely, 75?)

Subs not used

To be advised


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